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Santa Marta's Center:

How you can help

Santa Marta's Center:

How you can help

Comprehensive support and emergency shelter for LGBTIQ+ young adults in El Salvador facing homelessness and violence


Share​ our website or news with others who may want to volunteer or support us financially, or people who need our services.

  • Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates, or share our website on social media.

  • To contact us for services, write us at +503 6977-8978 or reach out on Facebook or Instagram.


Learn more about the issues facing LGBTQ+ people in El Salvador and around the world. Check out the resources we recommend here (in Spanish), and sign up for updates (in English/Spanish) on our work and volunteer opportunities.

Where does my money go?

Every month, the Diocese of Olympia sends money donated to this program to the Diocese of El Salvador, where we pay our staff and purchase material support for our clients. To the right is a simplified breakdown of our proposed budget for 2021. Once the year is over, we will update it with actual figures and post our 2022 budget.

In addition to providing support directly to LGBTQ+ folks who have been kicked out of their homes, this program provides employment opportunities to talented staff who face discrimination in other workplaces.

Check out our 2021 Impact Report for more details!

2021 Budget: $68,050.01


To send donations, reach out to for more information.


For our work and for those who face injustice.​ There are lots of resources online for queer theology. Here are some of our favorites in Spanish.

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